We value your privacy, and will never disclose your personal information or payment card details to any third party.

Your personal data (such as name, email, physical address, telephone number) will be collected by us only at the time that you place an order or subscribe to our mailing list. Only your name, address and telephone number will be supplied to our delivery agent after you have placed an order.

When making a payment, your card details will remain only within the secure payment site (Barclaycard ePDQ or PayPal, depending on your choice of payment method) and will be visible only to you and to the relevant clearing agency.

If, at any time, you would like us to update your personal details, or for your details to be deleted altogether from our database, you can apply by emailing us and stating your preference. We will acknowledge your request within 48 hours. You can also unsubscribe from all communications by tapping the Unsubscribe link in any one of our Stock Update emails.

For more information, please see Your Privacy on our Terms & Conditions page.
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