Victorian heavy-duty kitchen storage jar Vintage 18-litre glass jars Pair of Sainsburys porcelain condiment pots Hand-painted wooden milk order sign The Code Of The Woosters, 1930s hardcover Les Amusements Utiles, 1923 paperback Stoneware ginger beer bottle: Harris Bundle of early-1900s dolly pegs Pair of Victorian P. C. Flett preserve jars Victorian stoneware ginger beer bottle: Mills Early-1900s Royal Mint money sack
Early-1900s gent's club service call panel Pair of early-1900s mineral water bottles Trio of hand-etched glass measures Trio of English office stationery bottles Gothic church oil on canvas painting, c. 1905
The Soya Bean And The New Soya Flour, 1929 Unopened early-1900s French box of candles 1950s embossed metal ice cream box Large 1930s painted wooden toy truck Bundle of early-1900s dolly pegs Large painted French meat hook, early 1900s Plaster busts of Apollo and Eros, early 1900s Victorian cast-iron railway markers Hardwood farmhouse hall bench, early 1900s 19th-century yarn spinning wheel on stand
Rare early-1900s upright zinc wine bottle rack Early-1900s brass door sign: Bar Pair of painted cast-iron flags: White Star Line
Victorian wooden advertising cutout Early-1900s painted wooden ladder Vintage French twine 19th-century French stoneware cheese moulds Tied bundle of French pocketbooks, c. 1900 Rustic French bentwood fruit basket Group of period books on bread
Victorian lavatory chain light pull Antique railway station sign: Way Out
Early-1900s plated metal shop display stand Antique French stoneware tobacco jar Tin railway luggage insurance sign Large stoneware mineral water flagon French Illustration magazine, 1911-13, assorted Painted metal score markers, assorted Painted metal score markers, assorted Marble and brass counter-top balance scale Large 19th-century French stoneware bottle
Large Victorian magnifying glass Pair of welded iron spanner bookends Hugo's French Simplified, hardcover Box of early-1900s ivory and wood dominoes Complete set of 1967 Model Cars magazine Group of miniature die-cast racing cars
Early Victorian porcelain bed post ornaments Early-1900s wooden packing crate: Camp Coffee Early-1900s oak church collection sign Five leather-bound biblical books, 1803-1939 French cheese mould tealight holders Victorian heavy-duty kitchen storage jar
Victorian outfitter's enamel advertising sign Commemorative Royal Navy model lifebuoy Antique French typographic brass shield Large collection of scratch-built wooden ships Trio of glazed historic English ship prints Large shelf with antique iron brackets
Practical Catering, c. 1920 first-edition hardcover French iron wine bottle rack, c. 1930s Large antique French building number tile Commercial Confectionery and 3 related books Antique brass sign letters Antique clear glass bottles Trio of Victorian ceramic jelly moulds Group of period bread-related guide books
Wakefield Castrol oil can, 1951 Coloured wooden dominoes in box 1920s early French pinball game panel Early-1900s French driving school sign Large store wrapping-counter twine reel Complete 1788 Bells Shakespeare Early-1900s painted pine store display shelf Trio of period adventure story books
Endecotts particle filter brass planter Uhlemann's Chef's Companion, 1953 paperback The British Baker's Guide To Book-Keeping Large French painted wooden farmhouse trug 19th-century French wooden boules with net Gold-leaf pub sign letter Suitable Goods For Hot Plates, c-1900 hardcover Early-1900s painted wooden sign: Enquiries Large round French linen-lined bread basket French traditional linen-lined bread basket Whitbread's Ale advertising sign
Victorian stoneware ginger beer bottle: Idris, London Gold and red ex-pub sign ampersand Stoneware ginger beer bottle: Boots Cash Chemists Early-1900s corrugated metal tub, medium Small monochrome enamel sign: Drinking Water Early-1900s corrugated metal tub, large
Mixed media horse sculpture in marbled paint Pine resin-encrusted terracotta pots Early-1900s bamboo and leather ski poles Early-1900s shop display stands 1941 political hardcover: Guilty Men Victorian industrial wooden cotton spools Small linen Union Jack on pole, c. 1900
Extra-large crate on castors: Chocolat Menier Large antique iron cargo hook on rope Antique painted wooden sign: 100 yards Victorian double-sided slate chalkboard Early-1900s painted cane flower basket French Pastry and 3 other period books
Small antique French gilded mirror Mid-century porcelain glove mould Large antique grain sack: Heath Mill, Surrey Large 19th-century cast-iron Corpus Christi Antique enamel door sign: Cloakroom Antique enamel door sign: Ring 1920s tin store counter sign Antique French enamel shop sign French Illustration magazine, 1911-13 Early-1900s Hungarian floral pottery jug
Large Victorian glass department store sign Large stripped pine mantel shelf, c. 1900
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