Painted wooden wine region signs, c. 1900
Antique wooden railway sign: Tickets Victorian decorative wooden shield: Union Jack Occasional table painted with draughts game Scottish Royal Arms flag on wooden pole Victorian decorative wooden shield: Coronet Group of antique wooden game balls Large Victorian brass school bell Painted French antique watering can, c. 1900 Group of antique wooden game balls Large department store storage chest, c. 1900
Early-1900s numbered letterbox cabinet Tied bundle of French Victor Hugo books, c. 1900 Group of Victorian burst-lip bottles Double-sided enamel number plaque Vintage deadstock French twine
Bundle of Sotheby's auction catalogues, 1968-82 Victorian ginger beer bottle: Whittaker, Matlock Trio of Victorian stoneware beverage bottles 1920s home-made Chinese checkers game Early-1900s tin shelf sign 1930s shop display sled table Large early-1900s margarine crate White enamel milk pails, c. 1900 1920s enamel sign: Please Shut Gate
Hand-painted tin typewriter keys Early-1900s painted school writing slates
Fluted white enamel chamberstick Mid-century heavy-duty metal clipboard 19th-century carved wooden bow Custom-painted Ercol 7755 chair Small mid-century boat's rope ladder
Green enamel storage jar: Raisins, c. 1910Green enamel storage jar: Loaf Sugar, c. 1910Green enamel storage jar: Candied Peel, c. 1910 Blue enamel storage jar: Coffee, c. 1910 Blue enamel storage jar: Tea, c. 1910 Large antique tinned metal jelly mould Polished aluminium loaf tin, early 1900s Pair of Victorian P. C. Flett preserve jars Pair of books on Marzipan Suitable Goods For Hot Plates, c. 1900 Commercial Confectionery and 3 related books
Painted wooden shop sign Collection of scratch-built miniature ships Rustic iron and wood swinging hooks
Early-1900s metal potato basket Antique wooden crate: Owbridge's Lung Tonic 1940s tin sign: Treatment Of Electric Shock Row of folding campaign chairs, mid-1900s
Victorian enamel sign letter plaque Victorian enamel sign letter plaque Victorian enamel sign letter plaque Early-1900s brass pub sign: Toilets Large early-1900s wire wastepaper basket Early-1900s cast-metal staircase sign Large wooden cutout of Jesus recumbent Vintage French twine
Small early-1900s servant's call panel
Clay human skull pot, Don Julio Clay human skull pot, Don Julio Early-1900s painted wooden sign Early-1900s framed writing slates Philips Planisphere star chart, 1960 Large industrial iron glove cutter Industrial iron glove cutter Large mid-century metal sign letter
Large wooden funfair sign: Prize Every Time
1950s hand-painted Parisian real estate sign 1930s heavy-duty sweet shop jars Pair of early-1900s mineral water bottles Mid-century bakelite intercom phone Mid-1900s porcelain ashtray: Noilly vermouth Mid-century tin sign: Our Xmas Club...
Painted wooden number paddle 1932 hardcover: Cooking With Elizabeth Craig Trio of Victorian stoneware beverage bottles Victorian stoneware ginger beer bottle Large Victorian glass dome Victorian glass dome French Metropol lemonade bottle, c. 1960 French ZIP lemonade bottle, c. 1960 Trio of Victorian ceramic jelly moulds Small Victorian enamel sign Painted wooden number paddle Painted wooden pub sign: Union Inn 1930s French porcelain kitchen pots
Victorian chapel and Sunday school sign Victorian Union Jack flag
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