Mid-century enamel notice sign Trio of English office stationery bottles 1930s French wooden abacus Vintage painted livestock prize sign Railway trespass sign wall map, 1978 Early-1900s wooden control room chalkboard
Painted plaster bust of the weeping Madonna Early-1900s magnetic display sign kit Early-1900s mineral water bottles Twine-bound 18th-century Shakespeare stack Antique Scottish Royal Arms flag Early-1900s wooden railway sign: Waiting Room Player's Cigarettes wooden advertising panel Pair of 1950s Book Club novels
Articulated female shop display torso Paris road map wall hanging, c. 1920Paris road map wall hanging, c. 1920 Mid-century chromed retail display stand Early-1900s wooden cleaning service sign
French wirework bottle carry rack, c. 1900 French Metropol lemonade bottle, c. 1960 Trio of Victorian glass beverage bottles Iron and wood gin bar sign Early-1900s wood and iron sign Stemmed crystal dessert bowls, 1921 Hand-painted wooden sign
Vintage clay human skull pot Large industrial meat hook on chain, early 1900s Large French zinc sign letter Mid-century chromed retail display stand Painted wooden sign letter plaque Large round wire storage basket, early 1900s Antique dry cleaner's coat hanger
Early-1900s broadcast sign: On Air Mid-1900s council sign: Cycling Prohibited Painted metal warehouse sign: Area 1 Antique wooden game balls Painted metal sign: Dogs Must Be On Lead 1930s French child's bicycle
Early-1900s ex-railway sign: Cloakroom Victorian stoneware ginger beer bottle: Hammond Victorian ginger beer bottle: Whittaker, Matlock Trio of Victorian stoneware beverage bottles Victorian stoneware ginger beer bottle: Fabery Victorian stoneware ginger beer bottle: Idris Stoneware ginger beer bottle: Harris, Hythe
Articulated plaster and wood female torso Early-1900s 66-foot linen tape measure Pair wrought-iron candelabras, c. 1900 Painted brass Salter kitchen scale, c. 1900 Antique wooden tea chest, Lipton French enamel match storage box, c. 1900 Large brass reception bell, early 1900s Fluted white enamel chamberstick Correct Guide to Letter Writing, hardcover Antique wooden crate: Owbridge's Lung Tonic Senn's Culinary Encyclopaedia, 1898
Pair of numbered metal stacking chairs Dilapidated vintage classical guitar Victorian cast-iron street sign: Tench Street
Large 1920s hat form with fashion labels Early-1900s iron glove cutting mould Large painted antique fuel jug Heavy-duty baker's wire cooling rack Clay human skull pot, Don Julio Trio of Victorian stoneware beverage bottles Trio of Victorian stoneware beverage bottles Large 1920s wooden shop sign: Toys
Painted wooden sign: Silence Please Victorian brass and wood service bell Early-1900s painted metal wall rack
Painted wooden wine region signs, c. 1900
Antique wooden railway sign: Tickets Victorian decorative wooden shield: Union Jack Occasional table painted with draughts game Scottish Royal Arms flag on wooden pole Victorian decorative wooden shield: Coronet Group of antique wooden game balls Large Victorian brass school bell Painted French antique watering can, c. 1900 Group of antique wooden game balls Large department store storage chest, c. 1900
Early-1900s numbered letterbox cabinet Tied bundle of French Victor Hugo books, c. 1900 Group of Victorian burst-lip bottles Double-sided enamel number plaque Vintage deadstock French twine
Early-1900s metal potato basket Antique wooden crate: Owbridge's Lung Tonic 1940s tin sign: Treatment Of Electric Shock Row of folding campaign chairs, mid-1900s
Victorian chapel and Sunday school sign Victorian Union Jack flag
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