Victorian glass department store sign and mantel shelf Large Victorian glass department store sign Large stripped pine mantel shelf, c. 1900
vintage crate wire vegetable rack and letters Large early-1900s Regent oil can French wirework glass carrier, c. 1900 Early-1900s church hymn board cards Large enamel water jug, early 1900s Large vintage glass cake stand Extra-large metal letter 'T' Early-1900s wire vegetable rack Early-1900s double-sided slate chalkboard 1920s hardcover: The British Baker's Recipes Large Tate Cube Sugar crate, early 1900s Metal shop sign letter 'E' Very large metal letter 'A' Early-1900s Guernsey tomato box Painted Royal Show sign: Judging
vintage enamel retail shop display sign 1920s enamel shelf sign: Starch 1920s enamel shelf sign: No Starch 1920s enamel shelf sign: White Coats 1920s enamel shelf sign: Collars 1920s enamel shelf sign: Body Linen 1920s enamel shelf sign: Sheets
vintage shop post office counter twine packaging Vintage French balls of twine Early-1900s cast-iron sign: GPO Tiered metal desktop filing tray, c. 1960 Porcelain clamshell dishes Stoneware ginger beer botte: Harris, Hythe 1950s counter-top ribbon cutter Haberdasher's display sign kit 18-litre hand blown jars
vintage store display visual merchandising milliner cobbler 1930s chromed metal sailing boat ashtray Early-1900s bronze and enamel sign Correct Guide to Letter Writing, hardcover Porcelain glove mould Endecott Particle Filter planter conversion Deadstock palm-oil soap bars Early-1900s millinery dummy heads Gold-gilt pub sign letter 'R' Victorian cast-iron shop counter tray
antique watering can butchers meat hooks Early-1900s painted French zinc watering can Row of iron butchery hooks, c. 1900 Early-1900s French zinc watering can Small rustic wire kitchen basket, early 1900s Lot of period books on gardening and flora
terracotta bust antique museum display bells shakespeare 1788 French terracotta bust of a young girl, c. 1880 Antique museum display animal jaw Full set of 1788 Bell's Shakespeare volumes Group of early-1900s wooden display stands
antique luggage rack tricolore flag bicycle wheel Large French Tricolore with pole and finial Bleached hardwood luggage rack, c. 1900 French linen cushion with anchor motif The Code Of The Woosters, 1930s hardcover Antique wooden bicycle wheel Pair of shoe trees with turned handles Early-1900s painted cane flower basket
vintage cafe sign and wall clock Early-1900s painted brass and wood sign Early-1900s French painted metal wall clock
art deco glass towel rail vintage crate and basket Small Picnic Margarine crate, early 1900s Bakery Management, c. 1900 hardcover Victorian heavy-duty kitchen storage jar The Soya Bean And The New Soya Flour, 1929 Group of period bread-related guide books Victorian wire-rimmed spectacles 1920s glass and brass clamp-on towel rail 1930s Victor Cooker advertising sign French stoneware pottery bowls Large French cheese box: Le Beau Pasteur Large oval willow wicker basket
vintage chalkboard enamel sign basket letter arrow Monochrome enamel sign: No Ball Games... 1920s green painted cast-iron letter S Everybodys Book of Proverbs and Quotations Early-1900s painted wooden arrow sign French Illustration magazine, 1911-13 Large double-sided autopsy chalkboard Painted metal number signs Early-1900s bentwood and rattan basket
vintage wooden chocolate crate and trug French painted wood and iron trug, c. 1900 Early-1900s packing crate: Chocolat Pupier Early-1900s wirework basket with handles Persian Quchan hallway runner, c. 1900
antique stoneware cheese moulds souvenir lifebuoys Souvenir wooden cruise ship life ring, 1961 Small decorative wooden fishing floats Souvenir wooden cruise ship life ring, 1956 19th-century French stoneware cheese mould Trio of period adventure story books Pair of George V pottery jugs
vintage lifebuoy soap box rowing oars Pair of long wooden rowboat oars Yellow painted metal shop sign letter S Small decorative wooden fishing floats, c. 1930s Faceted soda syphon bottle with etched design Large 19th-century French stoneware bottle Antique wooden packing crate: Lifebuoy Soap
vintage wire baskets coat hook pegs Large French wooden period fairground sign Painted antique coat hook pegs, blue Large heavy-duty rectangular wire basket Large heavy-duty oval wire basket Large heavy-duty round wire basket
william hogarth art antique flags bible 18th-century William Hogarth etching: The Idle 'Prentice (1 of 2) Large French magazine: Illustration, 1911-13 Numbered zinc metal arrow pointer: '5' Five antique leather-bound biblical books, 1803-1939 Full set of zinc and wood golf putting green flags
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