Pair of long wooden rowboat oars Yellow painted metal shop sign letter 'S' Small decorative wooden fishing floats, c. 1930s Faceted soda syphon bottle with etched design Large 19th-century French stoneware bottle Antique wooden packing crate: Lifebuoy Soap
Large French wooden period fairground sign Painted antique coat hook pegs, blue Large heavy-duty rectangular wire basket Large heavy-duty oval wire basket Large heavy-duty round wire basket
Large antique crate on castors: Palmolive 1930 folio of house ideas: Maisons de Campagne Early-1900s spotted pottery jug Oak farmhouse milking stool, c. 1900 Extra-large ship's rope ladder, 16ft (4.9m)
Early-1900s tin chocolate mould letter 'T' Early-1900s tin chocolate mould letter 'A' Tall zinc bottle-drying wall rack, c. 1900 Large dilapidated French oil on canvas
Table soccer figure on stand, early 1900s Early-1900s oak church sign Tied bundle of Victor Hugo pocket books, c. 1900 Early-1900s wax doll's legs Victorian glass dome on ebonised base
Group of antique pewter tankards Victorian brass letter clip in form of lady's hand Elongated 50-hook metal wall rack, early 1900s
Large metal sign letters Early-1900s Hungarian pottery jug French terracotta plant pots Wire storage tray with hinged lid French cheese mould tea light holders Extra-large science lab measuring beaker Plaster busts of Apollo and Eros, early 1900s Glass fishing buoy in hemp net Turned oak hat stand
Tied bundles of French Victor Hugo books, c. 1900 Sewing And Reaping, 1865 hardcover Everybody's Book of Proverbs and Quotations, c. 1890 French pine resin-encrusted terracotta pots 30-litre hand blown glass jars 18-litre hand blown glass jars
Printmaker's silkscreen with typographic design
Early-1900s oil on canvas 1920s oak sign
Small brass lowercase letter 'a' Vintage rowing boat backrest wall hanging Victorian hat tin with brass label: W. Anderson Vintage French linen fish lavender pouches French deadstock vintage palm oil soap: Purpalm
19th-century French zinc water pitcher Painted wooden skittle decorations, early 1900s Industrial zinc kitchen hooks, c. 1900 19th-century bird illustration wall card 19th-century bird illustration wall card
18th-century William Hogarth etching: The Idle 'Prentice (1 of 2) Large French magazine: Illustration, 1911-13 Numbered zinc metal arrow pointer: '5' Five antique leather-bound biblical books, 1803-1939 Full set of zinc and wood golf putting green flags
Early-1900s linen-covered wooden dummy heads Tied bundle: The Cathedrals of England & Wales, c. 1900 Vintage French balls of twine Tied bundle of French Victor Hugo pocket books, c. 1900 Tied bundle: The Castles and Abbeys of Great Britain... Group of early-1900s wooden display stands
French metal livestock prize plaque: Dairy Calves, 1977French metal livestock prize plaque: BovineFrench metal livestock prize plaque: Dairy Calves, 1979French metal livestock prize plaque: Dairy Calves, 1978 French metal livestock prize plaque: Sows, 1965 French metal livestock prize plaque: Normande Cow, 1978
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